Adrienne Shamszad is a singer-songwriter known for her special blend of folk, soul, blues and Eastern influenced improvisational vocals.  Her lyrics are poetic, intimate, genuine and inspired by the mystic Poets of Iran as much as the folk poet-songwriters of the 60s and 70s. Her strong and soulful voice, skillful and complex guitar work and bold performance style have made her a popular California performer for well over a decade.      

Adrienne is an Oakland, California native of Persian heritage who has traveled extensively, studying theater, music and dance throughout Asia, India and the Middle East.  Her mission is clear: to weave together the threads of her study and creativity into an original musical fabric that moves and inspires her audiences.   Her impressive musical range extends from the sacred to the profane, the mystical to the earthy, the lofty to the down-low, and she is equally at home with acoustic or electric, improvisation, singing gospel, Indian mantras, rock and roll, rhythm and blues and Persian classics.    

Her debut album, A New Life, was released in 2008 and recorded at Seclusion Hill Records in New Jersey.  In making "A New Life," Adrienne and producer-engineer Phil Ludwig, sought to create a work that brought out the essence of each song.  Each track includes performances by the talent of a diverse group of professional musicians from the New York City area, all of whom offered their skill fully to create a truly unique work.  The mix of folk, jazz and pop tied together by Adrienne's influences of Blues, Persian, Indian-Classical and Americana has made "A New Life" a musical-companion for fans throughout the States, India and the Middle East.      

Adrienne's collaborations include performances and recordings with many talented artists, including Coleman Barks (author, “The Essential Rumi”), Rob Brezsny (author, “Free Will Astrology”), Badal Roy (tabla player, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock), and Andrew Reissiger (Dromedary Quartet).