I got a man I love
I got a man I like
Every time I fuck them mens
I give 'em the doggone clap
Oh, baby
Give 'em the doggone clap
But that's the kind of pussy that they really like
I told him I gotta good cock
And it's got four damn good names
Rough top
Rough cock
Tough cock
Cock without a bone
You can fuck my cock
Suck my cock
Or leave my cock alone
Oh, baby
Honey, I piss all night long
You can fuck my cock or suck my cock
Baby, until the cows come home
You know both a my mens
They are tight like that
They got a great big dick just like a baseball bat
Ooh, fuck me
Do it to me all night long
I want you to do it to me baby
Honey, till the cows come home
They know I'm a bitch from Baltimore
I got hairs on my cock that will sweep the floor
I've got spunk from them hairs that would shet de do'
And I look over your hands seein' I'm a bitch from Baltimore
Oh, talkin' 'bout a bitch from Baltimore
And I got hairs on my cock
Sweep anybody's floor
I gotta big fat belly
I gotta big broad ass
And I can fuck any man
With real good class
Talking 'bout fuckin'
Talking 'bout grindin baby all night long
And I can do it to you honey
Until the cows come home
If you suck my pussy
Baby I'll suck your dick
I'll do it ya honey till I make you shit
Oh, baby
Honey, do it all night long
Do it to me papa
(Grace me a verse) till tomorrow comes