This is for the Iranian women @OurselvesTv

The time has come. This is for the Iranian women who are risking their lives every day for basic human rights. For innocent children who are getting mercilessly slaughtered on the daily. For the youth who are breaking down the barriers to gender inequality.  For all the people of Iran putting themselves on the front line, fighting for freedom, and longing for a new, revolutionized country. For hundreds of courageous citizens who have been killed in the streets. For thousands who are imprisoned unjustly.

I present to you, “LIONESS.” A project that took a whole village to accomplish. A project that means so much to me and took so much blood, sweat, and tears to put together.

Together, we must continue to spread information and proper awareness about Iran during a time where our media is not. Just because you aren’t hearing about it on the news, doesn’t mean it’s not still happening.

Please watch. Please inform yourself. And please share.

Partial Credits below (FULL CREDITS ON YOUTUBE). Thank you to everyone involved and for dedicating so much of your time & energy to this project. I love, respect, & appreciate all of you more than you could ever imagine. #Lioness

Written & directed by: @Arrad
Voiced by: @iamnazaninnour, @samibeigi, @arrad
Starring: @iamyasi @dellara @mahsaahmadiofficial @avalalezarzadeh @negtafreshi @foreveruntamed @auriana @shanteboudaghi @melieka_fathi @liliakazerooni @anushaentezari @donyakavehh @ashzarah May & Ariana @sabakashani @aurumk

Executive Producers & sponsors: @arrad @bobbysaadianesq @wilshirelawfirmplc @farzamgorouhi @parastooda @xotheavaxo

Producer @realconnorgould
Production Manager @gabejfigueroa
Associate Producer: @candysam_
Cinematographer: @mazmakhani_dp
1st AD: @elgrannael
Steadi + Drone: @pintoproduction
PD: @ben_graham_
Key Grip: Steve Todey
Gaffer: @williamreidiv
Original art by: @negtafreshi
Edited by: @arrad @kevinthevp
Colorist: @beau_leon
Visual Effects: @blackhatvfx

Production by:

Lyrics By: @arrad
Executive producers: @seeno_xx @edeneliah @arrad
Vocal producer & recording: @brian_wayy
Musicians: @edeneliah @danialbeyk
Translated by: @dadyarvakili