We dedicate this video to the women of Iran. To those who are fighting for their basic freedom and getting killed by the Government. These are our sisters, we lived there, and we feel people by our hearts. The young generation in Iran thought us how to be big and brave. They don't want their youth and future ruined We (Iranian People) are not from the violent generation, everyone everywhere has the right to have freedom. Even basic ones, we didn't have. also, we don't have freedom of speech Although we are young most of our dreams were buried six feet deep because of the Regime’s suppression but we can't stay silent when our brothers and sisters are getting killed every day in Iran.

Out of Nowhere is:

Amin Yahyazadeh - Vocals
Ali Mostanbet - Guitars
Kasra Jafarzadeh - Guitars
Hamid Shahcheraghi - Bass
Soroush Kheradmand - Drums
Hossein Amjad - Manager