Shaheen Samadi

For Mahsa Amini. For the 80 million brothers and sisters in Iran and across the diaspora. For my ancestors. For my children and grandkids. For the Children of Cyrus. Mahsa Amini. If only you could see the place you have in all of our hearts, and what you have inspired.

I hope you find this song healing, I wanted to do my own take on this legendary Hichkas song.

When I heard the story, I couldn’t think of anything else. My life stopped. Everything I was working on was put on hold.

If the song had any type of emotional impact, please share with your friends, tag them in the comments, put a #mahsaamini in the comments as well, and share it with anyone you think would need to hear it.

Please dont let the momentum stop. Every day, I’m seeing bigger news outlets talking about. From now on, I want to see all of Persian Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok talk about this nonstop until we get the change our brothers and sisters deserve.