Ian Masters Background Briefing:

We begin with an assessment of yesterday’s first public impeachment hearing from Frank Bowman, a Professor of Law at the University of Missouri School of Law and a former federal prosecutor whose latest book, just out, is “High Crimes and Misdemeanors: A History of Impeachment in the Age of Trump”. He joins us to discuss the sad reality in post-truth America that it is unlikely yesterday’s compelling and credible evidence from the non-partisan witnesses will move the needle in our divided country. And although the contrast between the sober and professional Chairman Adam Schiff and his Republican counterparts who were hysterical and unhinged as they displayed their fealty to Trump while shamelessly pandering to Fox News viewers was stark, the manic ranting from Jim Jordan and the wildly aggressive accusations by Congressman Ratcliffe and the delusions conspiracies of Devin Nunes, did ensure that the unyielding support from Trump’s base was not eroded.  But now that Nancy Pelosi is talking about impeachment based on bribery which is spelled out in the constitution, we will look into whether there will be additional articles added to the abuse of presidential power and examine whether the Democrats were successful in laying the foundation of their impeachment case as more explosive evidence is expected to come from a witness who overheard an incriminating phone call between Ambassador Sondland and President Trump.

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