Persia Digest:

ID : N-5062  Date : 2019/04/13 - 16:26
(Persia Digest) - Britain's Royal Mail has confirmed suspending mail delivery services to recipient addresses in Iran, citing Washington’s sanctions against the country.


Press TV reports that the mail service said services had already been suspended for the last two weeks and that any remaining parcels in Britain would be returned to the original sender.

Following the announcement, Iran’s ambassador to the United Kingdom Hamid Baeidinejad said that the matter had been followed up with related British authorities, adding that a letter of protest had been sent to the UK’s Foreign Office.

He said that British authorities had promised to resolve the issue as soon as possible, requesting that they be given “until Monday” to address the problem.

Baeidinejad also said that UK authorities “were shocked” by the Royal Mail announcement.

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