Abby Zimet:

No, not these spent and sweet-faced kids asleep on a floor in God knows where, having trudged for days with their families and thousands of bedraggled others seeking safety and a better life. The invasion is the fascist clown spewing racist loathsome lies about them, most recently in that nauseating, neo-Nazi, George-Wallace-esque, “dog whistle of all dog whistles” nativist political commercial featuring immigrant cop killer Luis Bracomontes who, as the ad shrieks, “killed our people!…Democrats let him in our country!” – except that, as pretty much everyone in our country swiftly noted, he was deported by Clinton, let back in by Bush, inexplicably released by Arpaio, and conveniently armed with his AR-15 by the NRA.

No matter. Because reality doesn’t matter in the fact-free miasma inside Trump’s putrid pumpkin head – and fear, the most potent of weapons, does – he sticks to his sinister, fictional narrative of an “invasion of our country.” He’s ordered thousands of troops, dubbed Operation Faithful Patriot, a more catchy moniker than Operation Let’s Distract My Unthinking Neanderthal Hordes Before the Mid-Terms, to protect a border 1,000 miles away. He’s gone on Fox (again) to babble, “You look at that caravan and you look largely, very, you know, big percentage of men, young, strong… A lot of bad people in there. 

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