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After failed attempts by top Iran officials to cover up the scandal, the nation’s leading reciter of the Quran and close friend of Ayatollah Khamenei has been accused of raping 19 of his students and charged with “advocating corruption.”

Saeed Toosi, 46, winner of the first prize for reading the Quran, both internationally and locally, fell under suspicion after a broadcast by Persian Voice of America – banned for viewing by Tehran – in which three alleged rape victims came forward with written and audio evidence and described sexual assaults by Toosi, reported Al Arabiya.

In an audio recording, Toosi said that Khamenei knew of the sexual assaults and, together with the head of Iran’s judicial authority, had agreed to a cover-up to protect the reputation of the nation’s quranic institution and the regime.

All victims who have filed statements were between 12 and 14 at the time of the alleged attacks. The incidents took place over the past seven years during “quranic trips to more than 20 countries in the world aimed at ‘spreading the quranic culture’ and to participate in quranic competitions.”

Toosi is highly respected as Iran’s most celebrated reader of the Quran and was previously called an “exemplary model to be followed” by Khamenei, current supreme leader of Iran.

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