How influential is the Iranian-American community? A list just released by Persian Tech Entrepreneurs, a group of young Iranian-Americans active in technology, offers a window into how powerful this community is, especially in Silicon Valley. Many Iranian-Americans have reached the top ranks of some of the most important companies in Silicon Valley — though their influence wasn’t powerful enough to stop new visa restrictions that moved close to becoming law last week.

Iran’s strong science and technology education system and connections between universities there and here served as a funnel for young people to come to the United States — and many have migrated to Silicon Valley. They launched an effort in the past few weeks to stop a measure that was included in the 2016 budget act; the effort failed, and now it looks as if people of Iranian descent or those who have traveled to Iran and a handful of other Middle Eastern companies will face a tougher time traveling, because they will need visas to go to Europe.[/entity]

Among the names on the list, as well as the short bios the group included:

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