Washington (CNN)Maryam Faghih Imani seems an unlikely candidate to give an address that will touch on making peace between Israelis and Iranians, as she will at an international forum in Oslo Wednesday.

After all, she grew up the daughter of one of Iran's most prominent ayatollahs.

She spent her summers in the city of Isfahan playing with the children of other prominent ayatollahs, including those of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

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During the school year, she attended a religious institution, where students were fed a steady diet of hatred for Jews. Israel was erased from all maps and there was no mention of the Holocaust in any history books.

But today she preaches the value of tolerance and urges the people of the region to "walk the talk."

"The Middle East is the land of differences," she told the crowd at a recent Harvard Business School conference on building bridges between Iran and its regional rivals. "We have to learn how to seize this opportunity and make the best out of it."

To say Imani was a strong-willed and rebellious child would be an understatement. As a young girl, she was admonished by her parents when she wanted to play with boys and when she tried to remove the headscarf required of all Iranian females.

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