Jewish Journal:

... the measures taken by the IDF in trying to avoid civilian casualties among the Palestinian population are unprecedented in the history human warfare. The only party that gains from the deaths of Palestinian women and children is Hamas. It is in this context that I [Sam Kermanian] can say with confidence that [Siamak] Morsedegh’s vitriol can be attributed to four factors. First and foremost Morsedegh’s own history indicates that far more than being the representative of the Jewish community in the Iranian parliament he is a hand-picked representative of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence for representing that community in accordance with the wishes and propaganda guidelines of the IRI regime. Secondly, considering the Islamic Republic of Iran’s (IRI) policies towards Israel and the fear and intimidation that the Iranian Jewish community faces inside Iran he might wrongfully think that he is serving the interests of that community by selling himself out to the IRI. But just as importantly, with respect to this latest utterance Morsedegh is proving that he has little knowledge or connection to Jewish history in general and the history of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust in particular. And lastly by acting the way he believes he is buying influence for himself and serving his own personal interests. ... Iranian Jews consider the creation of the State of Israel as a redemption and the people of Israel as the heroes of the Jewish People. They have always supported Israel to the best of their abilities. In fact more than two thirds of Jews of Iranian origin currently live in Israel. There are no Iranian Jews anywhere in the world who do not have direct family ties to Israel which is only topped by their religious and cultural ties to that land. ... At present, virtually the entire leadership of that community [Jews of Iran] is composed of people who are either direct recruits of the Iranian regime or for the very least are willing to tow the Iranian line. The Iranian Ministry of Information simply will not allow anyone who does not meet such qualifications to serve in any public capacity within that community. That includes the community’s so called representative to the parliament, most members of the Jewish Central Committee and even the religious leadership of the community. ... the Islamic Republic of Iran needs to be aware that there are certain redlines beyond which our community abroad will not go, and certain issues on which it will not keep quiet regardless of cost. The safety and security of Jews and the State of Israel are two such issues.

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