With great sadness, I would like to offer you my deepest condolences and heartfelt sorrows for the passing of the greatest revolutionary of all times, comrade malijak Fidel Castro! Fidel turned a prosperous country, Cuba, to a $hithole that it is now. He was a rebel without a cause, a demagogue, and a hypocrite! He loved the USA but he lusted with the USSR.
Many generations of you tried to emulate the comrade in all aspects of your lives but much to your disappointment and dissatisfaction. You dressed like him, you got haircuts like him, you smoked cigars like him, you talked like him, you walked like him, you brought a disastrous revolution to your homeland like him. And, some of you have lived long enough to witness the irreversible consequences of your makings just like him.
Now, he has gone to join the row of notorious thugs and criminals such as Khomeini, Khalkhali, Shari'ati, Bazargan, Chamron, et al! May they all rot in hell!