We have certainly witnessed some of the most vicious and denigrating attacks against President-elect Trump and his family by the gang of malijacks here during the election campaign and post-election! Some of these malijacks who happen to be on par with the IRI thugs have blatantly wished ill and harm to Mr. Trump - case in point the rancid diatribe by no other than the queen of all malijacks, the loony Assdola!
One might wonder why so much hostility, fulmination, and harangue against a man who wants the best for America and the Americans! A prosperous, secure, strong, and a based on the rule of law America - a motto - many previous successful American presidents have run their campaigns based on and strived for!
Sure, Mr. Trump has promised to establish a Muslim registry where those coming to the US from the countries (e.g., IRI, Syria, et al) sponsoring terrorism are required to register! And, what is wrong with that? Any responsible and protective figure of authority would act similarly. But, what matters most is that if you haven't broken any law therefore you shouldn't be worried about anything!
That brings us to the crux of the matter - and that is - why in the world our lovely malijacks are so worried and up in arms about the new sheriff in town?! Is it that these malijacks are so concerned about the plight of their fellow human beings and their violation of civil and constitutional rights?! I highly doubt it! After all, non-citizens are not protected by the US constitution and the innocent until proven guilty applies to all US citizens irrespective of their color, creed, or what have you!
To delve deep in the psyche of our lovely malijacks and their unexplained paranoia, here is an educated guess or a conjecture as they say in my red neck of the woods - our selfish malijacks are concerned about themselves. They are afraid that Mr. Trump's policies vis a vis IRI deteriorates to the extent that the aforementioned malijacks will no longer be able to enjoy their comfortable lives in the West while simultaneously leveraging the benefits of the IRI such as multiple trips per year for lools of taryak and chelo kabob and God knows what else!
Well, as stated before a new sheriff is town and all the outlaws will be pursued and brought to justice or preferably justice will be brought to them!