Wall Street Journal reports:


“The Obama administration followed up a planeload of $400 million in cash sent to Iran in January with two more such shipments in the next 19 days, totaling another $1.3 billion, according to congressional officials briefed by the U.S. State, Treasury and Justice Departments.

The Obama administration previously had refused to disclose the mechanics of the $1.7 billion settlement, despite repeated calls from U.S. lawmakers. The State Department announced the settlement on Jan. 17 but didn’t brief Congress that the entire amount had been paid in cash.”

In trying to keep his faulty nuke legacy deal with the absolute, unelected and lifetime Führer of the warmongering, uber-international terror sponsoring, vehement anti-American Islamist fascists _”reformers” and all, Obama has handed over $1,7 billion in untraceable cash to them.



Who got the untraceable cash?

Did Obama get a receipt?

What guarantees were given the untraceable cash will not be spent on anti-America and Israel terror operations?


Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.