I came across this photo of graduation for Military Afghan women in Herat Afghanistan.  The logo behind them says; God, Country, Duty.

Now back in the day when Shah (of Sunset ;-) was ruling Iran our motto taught in school and posted on walls was; God, Shah, Country!  That's really fucked up, isn't it?!  At the time we were kids and didn't think much of it.  Today we have the same motto except Shah is replaced with Supreme Leader and today's kids probably don't think much of it either.

It is one thing for the Mullahs to promote such a motto and another for the Switzerland educated, modern civilization promoting Shah of Iran.  What was he thinking when he established that motto?  That "Iranians love heros" and so he must be their hero?  Did British have God, King, Country as their motto?  I don't know, seriously I don't know, did they?!

Just imagine what can come out of God, Shah, Country and God, Country, Duty?  God is always going to be there and as time goes by certainly one will have more positive in the lives of their citizens.