Mr. Abolfazl Eslami is an ex IRI diplomat. After mass demonstrations post  IRI’s fraudulent “presidential elections” which led to many arrests, deaths and executions of reform minded demonstrators, he left his job taking asylum in the west, whilst opposing the IRI from a reformist platform.


In a statement last week, he first declared his signature on a petition  in support of Nuclear agreement to be a fake. He then went on  saying:

“these days the massive propaganda campaign  by NIAC (IRI lobby group in Washington DC) and IRI’s ministry of intelligence and Revolutionary guards, their constant screams of “WAR, WAR, War if Nuclear agreement is rejected by congress!!!”, their labeling those who disagree with them as “WARMONGERS!!!”, has led even some of the mothers of victim of Kahrizak (Kahrizak is a notorious secret detention centre , one of many run by IRI throughout Iran where reformist demonstrators were Raped, tortured and murdered by Islamist regime security forces post fraudulent “presidential elections”),  to come out with support of this deal out of fear of War!. But the fact is that IRI under UN sanctions,  with no oil revenues was having difficulty funding it’s security forces and terrorist apparatus inside and outside Iran. IRI came to negotiation table only due to its desperate need for sanction relief. IRI was ready to give in to west’s demands on Nuclear issues and to any west’s demands to improve human rights situation in Iran. But with this deal, with no mention of Human rights in the deal, with over $100 billion released to IRI, IRI’s top priority post deal will be to strengthen its security forces to crack down on dissidents, inside and outside Iran. Even those who signed petitions in Favor of Nuclear Deal”


Picture: One of hundreds of demonstrators murdered by IRI post 2009 mass demonstrations across Iran


Full text (in Farsi) below.