With opinion poll upon opinion poll clearly indicating that an increasingly vast majority of the great American nation, including Iranian Americans like myself  rejecting Kerry/Obama’s shameful deal with Nuke loving terrorist Ayatollahs, it is no surprise that the Ayatollahs back in Tehran are getting increasingly worried! Not surprising since the Ayatollahs entire survival depends on this deal!

With Ayatollahs so worried, you cannot blame them for pouring money into this massive propaganda campaign to save this deal of their life time. And by propaganda I don’t mean half a dozen video clips and blogs and links published on this site with a total daily readership ranging between 54 to 58 , that is on a good day! By propagandist I don’t mean a NIACi goosfand who blocks you and deletes  your comments  from his daily blogs if you expose this deal for what it really is. By Propaganda I’m talking about the Friedman, NYT Neo Con, the warmonger supporting invasion of Iraq,  all of the sudden printing full page propaganda ad by NIAC, Ayatollahs Lobby in DC in support of the Nuke deal and “against war”!!!. I am talking about the same orthodox Jews who went to ahmadinejad’s “holocaust denial conference” in Tehran, all of a sudden protesting outside Israel embassy in support of Nuke deal, destruction of Israel and wait for it, PEACE! :)))

Yes there is no shortage  of the people who’d sell themselves and become the whores of Ayatollahs for the right money. But Ayatollahs have a long history of picking the most stupid criminal whores like Beshar Assad and Hassan nassrullah as their allies. These “Nuke deal allies” are no different