Tsirpas has already shown he's a better man than those preceding him by stopping to dig a deeper hole for Greece by Greeks with ECB and IMF crowbars and showels. What remains to be seen is whether the Greek people have the stamina to rough it out until EU realizes 'it is about the economy stupid' and EU economy has long since become a North South bipolar disorder. I have heard from several Northern colleagues that Europe should really be a North South operation. What they seem to miss is that an all Northern alliance will only pit the Northerners against each other once they don't have the Southerners to screw.



Greece is the canary in EU's mine shaft. It is not in coma yet but absent a major transformation in power and equity distribution, it might as well just call itself Euro loan sharking; driving Greece and a significant portion of EU farther left and away from a United Europe. China and Russia meanwhile, won't mind a weaker EU and U.S. was always ambivalent. Germans are going to regret what they have done to Greeks but soon it'll become clear they have done themselves in. The key meeting on this topic is between Germany and France which is telling. Listen for EU squirming to begin with their 'emergency' session tomorrow.