Generals Dunsterville and Bartov were the English and Russian (later White Russian) army commanders in Iran during WW I, engaged in an often forgotten part of the Great War in total disregard for Iranian neutrality and the fate of its populace. Dunsterville's command in Iran was the subject of a book called the Adventures of Dunsterforce, freely available on the Internet Archive.

February 12th [1918]

   Such an appalling lunch with the Russian officers - General Baratov made a long speech and I replied in a short one, thinking it was all over. But he made 11 more. He toasted us, the British Army, our wives and families, our regiments, the Baghdad Army, the capture of Baghdad, the Union of the Churches, General Maude, General Marshall and many others, 1:30 to 5:30 My brain was rotted with platitudes, and my interior disturbed with endless food and drink. I was very cautious with the latter, but just sipped some very poor and sour Persian wine. Then Gen. Baratov and I kissed each other, and we were free at last - a whole day wasted - Weather fine - Terrible reports of enemies barring my way down the road. Turks, Germans, Austrians and the Jangali tribe. Well, well - we must just trust in God and see for ourselves. What chaos - the world is a large lunatic asylum - when and how will it all end?