Before the Revolution in Iran 37 years ago, people of all color and gender were equally allowed to enter and watch sports matches in all stadiums.

That is not the case anymore, now Blacks are specifically prohibited from attending all sports matches held in stadiums.

If the Apartheid prohibition against Blacks in Iran were true, it is hard to imagine any civilized country would allow its National teams to participate in sports events under such rule.

U.S. National Volleyball team is now in Iran to play two matches with its Iranian counterpart.

Under the gender Apartheid system instituted since the revolution, Iranian women, just as blacks were in the despicable segregated Apartheid societies, are by law considered second-class citizens with many restrictions imposed on them all.


If instead of women, Blacks were excluded from Iranian stadiums, would U.S. National team still play in Iran?


Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.