“Two Iranian men, an Iranian woman and a Rohingya man from Myanmar arrived in Phnom Penh on a commercial flight.

Four refugees transferred from the Nauru detention centre have arrived in Cambodia and have been taken away in a van with curtains covering the windows.

The four are the first refugees to be transferred from Nauru as part of Australia's offshore processing policy.

"Cambodia clearly has no will or capacity to integrate refugees permanently into Cambodian society," Phil Robertson from Human Rights Watch said following the transfer.”


The three Iranians had fled the brutal tyranny of the Islamist fascists –“reformers” and all. The Rohingya man had fled the ethnic cleaning in his native Myanmar, which by the way, almost all Muslim governments have kept quiet about.

Australia is a vast sparsely populated affluent country, which can easily absorb these desperate refugees.  

These Iranians, along with other poor souls in this despicable refugee disposing scheme, are the shame of Australia.