Nina who lives with Ahmad is in her second white marriage, the practice of couples in Iran living together and claiming to be married to be safe from the draconian morality laws.

Nina Ansary, an expert on women's rights in Iran says:

“Iranian women are "fearless….Everything that is forbidden, from dancing to drinking to having sex, is being practiced underground. What's remarkable about a generation born and raised in this climate is that they do not reflect the conservative laws."

After 37 years of brutally enforced gender Apartheid, in which women are legally considered as half human being, and are forced to wear Hijab, the imposed religiosity façade is paper-thin.

In other words; Tehran is more Sex and the city than the capital of “the first government of Allah on earth” which the Islamist rulers want it to be.

More power to the Iranian women. 


Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.


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