I'm writing this blog for those of us who, like me, hate the new Google maps. If you do want the classic version of Google maps to be reinstated, please join the crowd, the growing crowd, and make sure your voice is somehow heard. You might as well sign a petition on one of the links, below.

I'm fully aware that I should have started this blog more eloquently, with more zest, spice, and attraction; but I'm so frustrated and lost that I can't do better than this; plus my pathetic ESL.
And by the way, please this once, save me from your super-smarty sallies such as "for Moscow you have to turn left, or for Havana you have to merge onto the right" stuff. This is a serious matter for those of us who use Google maps frequently. And yes, there's a gizmo called GPS device; and yes, nowadays you can use your smartphone as a GPS. But still, I want the classic Google maps make a come back. I'm sure if all twelve of us unite, we can make it happen. That's all. And thank you! 
Below is a video which sorta explains why the new version has received so many negative feedbacks. (only if I knew how to insert a video here.)