When added up, the 7 Iranians (above picture), two women and five men, will have to spend 140 years in prison. Today marks the 7th year of their incarceration.

The incarceration math:

7 years x 7 Bahai = 49 years

140 - 40 = 91

In other words; the 7 Iranian Baha’is will have another 91 years imprisonment before being let free.

Their crime is; being believers of the indigenous Iranian humanistic religion of Baha’I.


Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.


Ps. today the sanction review bill passed the House; it had already passed the Senate.

President Obama despite his wishes is now forced to submit his nuke deal with the Islamist Führer to be reviewed by the representatives of the American people before he lifts the sanctions.

There is still some hope for forcing Obama to care about human rights in Iran.