Fortunately or unfortunately our resident Canada expert, or I better say our Iranian Canada expert since he doesn't frequent this website, has had a change of heart!  Our beloved Hajiagha has changed his motto from SUCKS TO CANADA to "Canada is best country for living کانادا دمت گرم ا "

Who would have thunk it?!  The days that cartoons about Canada made our days and infuriated our Iranian-Canadians (or is it Canadian-Iranians or Perrrrsian-Iranians?!) making Hajiagha debate them in broken English is now over!  Sigh ;-(

I'm still going to try and change his mind since he is in Iran and now grateful to Canada but doubt it'll work as I've already tried with no success! 

So I'll have to retire this motto from my vocabulary too out of respect to Hajiagha, at least until further notice!  No sucks to canada!