It is said “beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, true, however, there are beauties that cannot be denied. Below are pictures of gorgeous Afghan women.

Just a quick background:

This past Thursday, the mob of savages in Kabul beat with stone, sticks and pummeled 27-year-old Farkhunda before throwing her off a roof, running over her with a car, setting her on fire alive and finally throwing her into a river.  

Farkhunda’s crime was an unsubstantiated allegation of setting fire to Quran.

Yesterday, Gorgeous hearted, brave Afghan women carried the little was remained of Farmhand’s body on their shoulders to burial.

Right now Ghani, Afghani President, along with Abdullah, that country’s Chief Executive, are on their first official visit to Washington.

President Obama must publically hold them responsible for pursuing and prosecuting all the savages who are all captured on numerous video tapes and still photos.

An immediate red line has to be drawn for Islamist savages, Justice delayed is justice denied.


Sanctions works, U.S. Senate get to it.