If I were to ask you what do you think Jon Stewart's movie Rose Water is about what would you say?  That (based on advertisements and Jon Stewart's persona) it's about the 2009 presidential election in Iran and the aftermath.  That it's about an Iranian journalist who was interviewed by a Daily Show correspondant in Iran as a comedy sketch but that the Iranian authorities took the joke seriously and imprisoned him.  And most of all that it'd be somewhat of a comedy.

Well it isn't!  It's boring. It's just an "abstract" movie.  The only part about the 2009 elections is in the beginning and the rest is abstract filming of a prison and interrogations, "new interrogation techniques".

I wish it was better and I had more to say about it.  It's poorly made.  Didn't even make any noise in Iran and no one cared to "condemn" it!  You have two of the best Iranian actresses in Aghdashlou and Farahani and yet they're playing with an unknown foreign "lead" actor.

I'd still recommend you to go see it because well if for no other reason that two of best Iranian actresses play in it.  It's a shame that so much expectation was directed towards this movie and about the 2009 elections but only the very beginning was a little worthy the rest is just boring which makes you wonder why he's trying so hard to make it boring.