I wanted to give you an update on changes being done based on feedback from users. These are the most important ones:

Post It

Posting on iroon.com has been somewhat of a mystery. You have to go to your own page and click on a relatively small button or go to the section pages and find the button there. That is IF you find it. It's not hard to see, but why not make it more prominent?

We are a user-driven site. All content comes from you. Therefore it would make sense to have a clear button on top of the front page to make it easier for everyone to post a new item.

This should be ready by the end of the week.

Latest Comments

When you go the Everything page, there will be a button/link on top of the page that when selected will show you all the latest comments. This way you can follow all new/recent comments posted under all items.

You'll see it in a couple of days -- in bright red!

Thumbs Up and Down

We first decided that it would be best to make both Up and Down votes in the Dis-Like (Ah o Bah) section anonymous. This way people would be more inclined to vote on controvertial figures and topics without revealing their identiy.

As we were working on this, we thought anonymity would probably be better for all sections. This site is not like Facebook and users are not necessary friends. So it would be best to keep our Likes and Dislikes private and not worry about the implications of our Up or Down votes.

This change will also be implemented soon, before the end of the week.

Survey Infographs

As we were designing the site, we looked for the coolest software we could find for our surveys. What we found is certainly cool and advanced with lots of information but since its implementation we've had second thoughts. Well, at least I and many users have. Our tech boss is not convinced and stil believes it is not only adequate but one of the best.

My own view and those of several people who have complained is that the survey infographs are too complicated. They were probably designed for financial institutions to follow detailed transactions.

A graph should immediately tell you the result of a survey with clear visual elements. For example if the survey asks "do you like Khamenei?", the graph should tell me the answer as soon as I look at it. Our infograph does not seem to do that, no matter how cool it may be.

What do you think? Any suggestions on what kind of graph we should use?

Surveys are a very important part of iroon.com and we want to optimize it so that more people would create and/or particpate in voting. Modifying this section will take more time as it would require quite a bit of re-programming.