La Voix de la Paix ( The Voice for Peace) is an ambitious music project consisting of presenting a series of Persian concerts across the French Capital with a cosmopolitan ensemble conducted by a young and energetic Iranian engineer Arash Fouladvand turned talented conductor / composer (Watch Manoto's Welcome to My Life).



The project regroups four musical entities as outlined below:


  • La commission nationale française pour l’UNESCO  
  • L’Orchestre Philharmonique Paris-Est
  • La Chorale de Bahar
  • L’Association Culturelle Bahar
  • Iran Audio Book

As it’s name suggests « La Voix de la Paix » aims at spreading a message of peace and tolerance across geographical and cultural bounderies using the love of music as a common denominator. 


The first concerts were performed last year respectively at the American Church ( See Report Here) as well as the Evangelical German Church in Paris drawing an ecclectic and enthusiastic crowd. 


The upcoming concerts (with a special guest appearence of famed Soprano Darya Dadvar are due this year in April and June respectively at the Saint Suplice Church as well as at the UNESCO. (See details below)

The beautiful melodies, original compositions and heartwarming performances will certainly seduce audiences beyond the French capital and are bound to enjoy an international following in the years to come.    

Additional Information:

You can Buy Tickets Here for the Saint Sulpice Performance due on Friday April 11th, 2014 at 8 pm 00.

The Unesco Concert will be announced in due time

Learn More about the Ensemble Here