We all experience almost every day some of those deep moments that is about a nano seconds in our busy life where we feel our deepest love towards our children, partner, parents, or we feel deeply thankful to have a  job, house, warm bed or even a cup of  a warm and aromatic tea. On the other side there are also certain days that we all collectively think of the same thing that create a magical collective energy to thank our mothers around the mother's day, to acknowledge the love we are surrounded by around Valentine's day and to think about our own rebirth around the new year's events.




These  holidays regardless of our religion or our different calendar are the time of spiritual preparation, if we allow them to be.   It is also time that we are looking forward to a new begin where we all can push the restart bottom and hope for a better tomorrow or to be more conscious for a better today.
Let's embrace this opportunity, the collective energy at this time of the year and believe in a world that
the Kindness,  Wisdom, Truth, Love and Ultimately the P E A CE will win over the Hate, Greed, Lies and Fears and Wars. 
That is also a way for those of us who feel alone during the special seasons: Lit a candle or more and feel connected to others who feel the same way: 
We are all in this together.
Love, Light and Peace