Sometimes when you're so involved in something that you don't realize the end result until you put it up and see people's reaction.  I have noticed few issues so I'm going to post them and you can add more if you see anything.

First the good things. Comment control is good, good, good!  The enhanced font and stuff is good as I'm coloring stuff as you can see!  The like and dislike are good though hopefully they can become anonymous.  Now back to issues and please read them with a grain of salt, though they are serious!

1.  The National Pulse meter is sucks!  It is a bridge to nowhere!  I know what my mood is, what good does it do for me if I click it for myself?!  I'd like to know what is the community's total mood, not myself's!

2.  Once I click on an item and read it and click on home to go back again, everything freezes and it is sucks!  It takes a while to get back to home page.

3.  Related to 2 above.  I remember reading somewhere that only certain browsers work and you have to have the latest MS Explorer to see everything here?  This is sucks!  I think JJJ should tell his staff who are developing this site to make it easy to access with almost all browsers as people come here from all over the world.  Many use MS Explorer at work and you want to include as many as possible, not less because your Developers are too sissy and technological advanced that it is beneath them to use anything less than an Apple or Chrome or something!

4.  The logo for Iroon while nice, it is sucks!  Because many can't read Farsi much less a logo in Farsi.  So please add some English logo as well so people know where they are.

5.  There is no Recent Comments section and JJJ has promised it'll be added soon.  Hopefully this is not like his promise about adding comment control in that never happened!

6.  In the video section on the front page, because I am behind a fire wall the area for the video shows my firewall warning.  This is sucks!  Perhaps you can show a GIF or JPG image of the video so at least I can tell what it is and if interested I can see it later when I'm not behind a firewall.

7.  The survey area and results are all over the page.  This is of course sucks!  This is related to 3 above that you must use a certain browser to see everything in order.  From where I sit, behind a super computer run by MS Explorer, it is like a Jumbalaya dish!

8.  The following option seems again like the National Pulse meter which is another bridge to nowhere.  It doesn't do what Twitter does and unless I am missing something, it's not suited for here.

9.  The number of blogs can be increased as more people belog, they'll disappear when more blogs go up. 

10.  The survey stuff are taking too much space. 

11.  Last but certainly not the least, JJJ's new avatar with his bald head is sucks!  I thought he had good hair, what happened?!  Even if he likes the bald look himself, it is not looking professional for this new website.  I'd ask that he put a hairpiece or a hat or something and put on a suit and tie and look good!  Right now it looks like a pothead hobo sheperd backpacking and running a business from Peru, which of course is sucks!

I think that's good for now.  We can add more later as it becomes more visible.