I was looking forward to a good game of poker with Mexican friends who had invited me to the apartment they share in Chihuahua. Instead they played music all night, singing Pink Floyd and Beatles songs. They call themselves THIS IS NOT A BAND. Every Saturday night their door is open to anyone who walks in -- usually friends in their 20s. Several picked up instruments and did a rock number or two in a small living room with Beatles' posters on the wall (base player Juan Mendez is a great graphic designer: he won a contest showing Paul McCartney's trademark bass for the cover of his new album). Some were very very good. Some were hilarious, including one who made fun of Spanish flamenco singers. The instruments were well-worn. The drum set was battered, the electric guitar died after a couple of hours and the mic was taped onto a camera tripod. But the sound was genuine. They loved to play.

My camera ran out of battery too soon and I had not brought a spare. Afterall I was only expecting to play cards. I had a great time. And I woundered how many laws would have been broken if this party was in Iran?

Raúl Piñón (Ruso) on guitar, Memo Trujillo on drums and Abud on bass.

Victor "Fifo" Gamboa on drums, Juan Mendez on bass and Javier "Francisco" Yazp on guitar.