There was a question whether it's possible to follow the latest comments. At the moment the only way to know is to check each post and see if there are any new comments.  But in a day or two we will have the option to follow all new comments on one page.

Also, regarding the anonymity of those who vote thumbs down... it's simple: If you and I don't like something, especially if it's by a friend, it's unlikely that we would click on thumbs down if he or she is going to see our name. Our Iranian sense of respect and taarof would not allow us to publicly criticize a post. Maybe I'm wrong on this and there should be no discrimination between thumbs up and down and everybody should be visible. Time will tell. If it becomes a problem, we'll change the policy.

Meanwhile, in the Dis-Like (Ah o Bah) section, we're soon going to make BOTH thumbs up and thumbs down anonymous. This will let everyone be more comfortable in voting particularly for political figures. For instance you won't have to worry about what would happen if you vote thumbs down for Khamenei, or thumbs up for marijuana :)