Good news for those who subscribe to South African model for dissolution of the 35 year rule of the unreformable messianic Islamist fascists.

Following the actions of shippers such as Evergreen, Yang Ming, CSCL, Maersk, and CMA CGM who recently ended port calls to Iran, a German shipper has just done so as well.


“Last month, UANI wrote to Reederei Rudolf Schepers, and raised concerns with the business of its vessel, the TS Jakarta. The TS Jakarta had been making calls at Bandar Abbas port, which is operated by the sanctioned entity Tidewater Middle East Co.  

In response, Reederei Rudolf Schepers contacted UANI, and stated that the TS Jakarta, now renamed, "will not call any Iranian ports in the future." Continued Reederei Rudolf Schepers: "Also our other ships will not call Iranian ports in the future."

Before the weaponized nuke acquiring, warmongering, Iranian and Syrian murdering messianic Islamist fascists –“reformers” and all - impose a war on the sane world, short of military action, all needs to be done to facilitate and speedup their overthrow by the fed up Iranian people.

Air-tightening the sanctions which in addition to total oil exports ban and air/naval cargo quarantine, it includes logistical help like strike funds and alike, is a must.

Faster please!