Couple of years ago (almost to the day) I wrote a blog entitled Hard times to find or keep a job. As it turns out eventually it happened and I’ve been busy dealing with losing my job of many years and finding another job, hopefully I’ll continue to be employed and not start looking for another job anytime soon. Looking for a new job is like dating, you think of the opportunities but you don’t want to continue forever and get tired of it!

Anyway, that’s why I’ve been absent and will probably continue to be less active as I get busy with my current job. All those days that you read my in-depth analyses of all cultural and political issues on a daily basis are over! No more in-depth analysis, though you can still read my prior blogs as they’re still good today and applicable!

Seems not much has changed, except you now have to read shallow blogs of others, with few exceptions! Although, since the old website's policy of moderating comments it has had the Scarface effect of kicking the trouble makers out of that website and making it someone else's problem! They have moved elsewhere where they continue to shoot from their hips!

I see that more than half of the front page is still spamed with useless Surveys of whether we prefer Apples or Oranges!  Photo albums are now easier to see in large format and much quicker.  A new logo and what else?

So I may be on and off and maybe comment here or there or a blog here or there but for the most part I won’t be as active as before. Hope Iroon continue to prosper and maybe even try and interview Rohani next month!