Thanks in most part to “economics is for the donkey”  which has driven the economy to the ground, coupled with enacted laws, including polygamy, child-brides and sigheh, the temporary marriages, prostitution has flourished in Iran during the past 35 year rule of the messianic Islamist fascists, “reformers” and all.

The numbers of prostitutes, both women and men, is unknown. Yes, there are now men prostitutes in Iran.  

However, the ever increasing number of full-time and part-time prostitutes, many in their early teens, has made it impossible for the Islamist fascists to deny their existence.

Rather than annulling the present misogynistic lawn and creating jobs which according to most published field studies is the main reason for the explosion of prostitution in the past 35 years, the latest fascists’ harebrained scheme is to issue ID card to prostitutes.

Claiming to be the “first government of Allah on earth” and boasting of being the most virtuous governance, the deadly aids which is spreading fast in Iran is a taboo subject for the Islamist fascists.

What would Islamist prostitution ID card do when there is no will to solve the causation?