I rarely write blogs, I am not good at it and it is not my cup of tea.  But recently I have been reading comments on this site  here and here or here  that is hard to call it anything else other than a call to genocide, massacre or plain murder of innocent people.  These are the type of behavior that we would expect to see from Al Qaeda, Nazis or Khalkhalis, but not on IC.

Now first I thought to brushed off as a stupid comment, emotional and ignorant but then is that really a proper way to deal with such stupid calls, to look away and brush it off?  Many of us got pushed around by thugs in Iran to the point that we decided it was no longer a healthy place to live and we left because of the thugs. 

Do we want to keep IC a healthy place to exchange thoughts and ideas in a civilized manner or do we want to let radicalism go unchallenged?

Here is a sample comment

Typical reaction of barbaric Muslim Brotherhood thugs! The Eygpitian Army should round up 1000 MBs and execute them right on the street! No due process is required for these animals!”