Hair, oh wonderful woman's hair
What is more beautiful than a woman's hair flying in the wind
Caressing and riding it in freedom
Today its embracing lost but nascent liberty,
Hair that’s expansive, yet not colliding
Humanly supreme in its expressiveness
Showing off the feminine, the gnarly feminine
That bridges urgent needs with creative care
This done by jolting their unique infinite craft of the noble humane
Touching while dancing and healing our deep societal needs.
Hair that shines naturally under the sun,
Capable of sitting in observant silence and of shaking the world too.
Bringing about the core and power of relentless a boldness
That comes from women’s fearless forever blossoming nature
May the hijab not cover it nor them
May the obtuse stop curtailing women with the excuse of solemn rituals
May scissors liberate that oppression
May new growth come with even more behemoth towering empowerment
May today's march become the winds for change
That gust on which their hair floats into ethereal eternity
While triggering a fearless cry for freedom
Let´s walk the march, let's join the grind,
Let´s recite altogether: Woman Life Liberty!
For Iran’s wonder women future in greatness,
Flawlessly Flowing Freely
For Women, for Life and Feeedom

Cesar Moran Cahusac

October 6, 2022


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