It was April 30, 1975, Ford admistration ordered to evacuate the whole personel from U.S embassy in Saigon withing 24 hours.  it was marked as the most tragic day in our modern histroy. U.S embassador Graham Martin was a Southern boy with high standard of morality. Because of his Baptistist believes, he decided not to leave until all Vietnamese are gone. But the order came from Washington that all American personnels should leave within 24 hours for their own safety. As the last ship with over 2000 people on board approached the Bay of the Filipean, they lowered South Vietnam flag and one of the army Generals said : "We lost our beloved country". That historical statement brought tears to the eyes of any decent human being.

Hundreds were left on the roof top of U.S embassy waiting for American helicopter to arrive to save them,  but it never arrived.  They were all arrested and faced execution. After communists took over the country, the number of people who were executed are Unknown.  Hundreds of Thousands were sent to re-education camp where they died of disease and starvation. 130,000 were able to escape from the hands of communists. 

 President Nguyen Van Thieu was forced to leave the country by CIA helicopter to London and from there he arrived to Boston, MA and resided there till his death in 2001.  He maintained that he could have defeated communists but America decided to let it go. He rarely talked. His neighbors described him as quite man who bring his dog for walk every evening. His daughter is a lawyer and currently practicing law in Los Angeles. Nguyen Van Thieu had speeches 2 times in Orange County,  where the largest number of Vietnamese live outside of Vietnam. 

Each year, on April 30, fall of Saigon, my friends go to Vietnamese restaurant and have Vietnamese sandwiches to see the flag of South Vietnam. They go there to show their respect and sympathy to whoever deserve it on that day.