A dream of peace between Israel and Arab nations finally became reality under Trump administration.

In honor of Abraham- the patriarch of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the agreement between Arabs and Israel is called "Abraham Accords". 

Abraham Accords are a series of treaties between Israel, the United Emirates (UAE), Bhrain, Sudan, and Morocco faciliated by president Trump. It took place between August and December 2020. In 5 months, four Arab states joined Egypt and Jordan in making peace with Israel.

   The first step was initiated by United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a result of shared interests regarding threats posed by Ayatollahs' regime in Iran.  UAE move also signaled to Palestinians that other Arab nations are not going to wait for them to make peace with Israel. Abraham Accords promises more stability in the Middle East or peaceful region. 

Similar agreement was made between Bahrain and Israel. King of Bahrain hosted "peace to prosperity" conference which held under Trump administration. 

Sudan's government was going through a transition with state goal of becoming more democratic. 

Widely believed other Arab and Muslim countries such as Oman, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia to be considering normalization with Israel as well. 

As far as Abraham Accords concerned, Biden administration adopted the same stance.