Everthing would be different if there was NOT an idiot makeing decisions in the White House. 

For the United States to withdraw it's military forces and to leave 80 plus a billion dollars of State of Art military equipment behind without 1st destroying it and before getting citizens and allies out of the country, was a thundering blundering mistake.  Likely all produced by Biden's allegiances to the Communist China, because of his son Hunters double dealings with commie Chineses selling them access to the Vice-President; so Biden is not only owned by the Chicoms, Mexican cartels also own him. 

Skyrocketing gas price is another story. 

On January 20th Biden stopped all drilling and exploration on Federal lands for petroleum product and also killed the XL Keystone pipeline construction which eliminaated 11,000 jobs many of which paid 6 figures annually. Fuel prices have gone up in 6 weeks, 60 cents per gallon and remained the same till today.  One bad decision after another.