Whether the fault is our own, our upbringing, society -- or our blind spots -- the past is etched in the stone tablets that we now hold in our hands. We cannot erase the truth. But we can coax it with crude implements while whispering our desires to the Universe -- and trusting that invisible hands and hidden friends, beyond all appearance, are slowly molding and guiding everything along the perfect path.

Today is a good day to admire the ones who persevere. But most of all, admire that One in you who burns away all conception of fault and blame -- while shining like a thousand Suns.
This is the stuff that heats black coal until it burns white hot. No impurity can remain, as the weak points in the structure crumble. The diamond purity remains. 
If you fret over deeds mis-done, align with the core of strength that is being revealed -- the One in you who perseveres -- the One who cannot err. From here, you know that perfection lies within.