My sister, Fariba, texted me one day asking me to help Nahid joon take a shower. That’s what we call our mom. She is a woman of grace in her eighties (or nineties, we are not sure) clinging to life as there is no end to it.  So I responded back to her text saying sure. I will go there on Friday.


So Friday arrives and I go to my Nahid joon’s house. Her house has 2 doors and they are usually unlocked.


My father, pray his soul, when he was alive insisted the doors must be kept unlocked so friends can come in without the need to knock on the door. And they knew that and would come in without the need to announce themselves.


Things have changed since the invasion of coronavirus. My Nahid joon’s house doors are often locked. Just to safeguard herself.


I arrived at her house and tried to open the main door and yes it was locked. I proceeded to the second door which leads us to the kitchen assuming that was locked as well! To my astonishment, that was unlocked so I entered the house with my mask on and without the need to announce myself.


It was close to four PM. There was music in the background but otherwise silence in the room.


I approached Nahid joon’s room and noticed she was asleep. Not sure where my brother was. Most likely in his room resting so I did not bother to call him out.  So I sat on the couch and worked with my computer.


Every once in a while I would hear my Nahid joon’s phone ring and she would talk to the other side and again silence. I did not want to bother Nahid joon until she was up and awake.


Then my phone rang. Guess who was on the other side of the call?  It was Nahid joon calling me asking me when I will be there?


While talking on the phone, I approached her room and called her name “Nahid Joon, I am here!” 


With her normal version of cursing we hung up the call and I hugged and kissed her while I still had my mask on.


So the time of her shower arrives and she is ready!  One thing I must say about Nahid joon is her desire to be independent.  While I was holding her back as she was using her walker toward the bathroom, she kept removing my hand.


My brother, Mahmood, to his credit had cleaned the bathroom and prepared the towel and her clothes for use after.  As Nahid joon gently removed her clothes and I saw her skinless and bony body I felt what will come to all of us at our old age. With her frail body she was stronger than any of us.


So she went into the bathtub and asked me to close the curtain to which I obliged.  After a few minutes she asked me to wash her back.  That was the first time I saw her naked body.  Nothing to be ashamed of.


So I gently took the cloth and put some soap and cleaned her back.  As I was gently cleaning her back I asked myself, is this the future for myself?  Will I one day ask my son or daughter to help me?


The shower was done and now it was time to dry her up and clothes her.  I put the towels on her gentle body and began drying it.  She insisted on putting her clothes on herself again reminding me of my dad’s stubbornness.  Once done I gently helped her to her bed until the next time!



            Life is short and enjoy it.

            Love your parents as they are the best in your life.