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"Black Lives Matter *because* all lives matter, and yet that’s not how society has been operating since the beginning of this country. The importance of white lives has never been in question nor has society acted in a way that puts white people in danger due to preconceived ideas about their whiteness. As a white person I have never had to fear for my own safety when the police are called. For the most part, it is a relief to see them when they show up, and yet, over time I’ve become aware that’s not what many people of color feel when the police enter into a situation. To respond to BLM with “all lives matter” is to be willfully ignorant at best. My belief is the majority of those who say it are being extremely disingenuous and have some racism they need to deal with."

By Anonymous



When it comes to gun violence, don’t pray vote instead

The impeached tRump is helping to make Russia great again

BDS to deprive the oppressive military of its bullets and bombs to end this illegal and military occupation


Buy American, say NO to Chinese made impeached tRump


“The time is always right to do what is right” – Martin Luther King