Brothers and sisters.

For the past week or so, since brother said amin the owner of the other site left the facilities to go to his site the  and forgot to lock the door, most of the patients have escaped, gathered at his site  and have been screaming with anger and frustration to anybody who has said anytrhing against Ali Khamenei, specially if his name happens to be Hassan Dai! The ring leader of these patients, and the most angry and frustrated of them all,  believes to be the grand son of Changiz khan. So he calls himself somethging Khan!!

 Now in the absence of brother Fred's famos Zereshk juice and it's calming effect,  I am seriously concerned that these poor patients might give themselves a heart attack. So if there is a Doctor or psychologist  reading this, please come along to and round up these poor frustrated souls, and take them back to the safe abd secure facilities so they can be cured, or be used as subjects of study for students of psychology. make sure to bring with you heavy chain and long sticks.

Thank you and God Bless.