Back in the hostage crisis days and shortly after Jimmy Carter told the American people that 50,000 Iranian students live in the US and he will send the FBI to the college campuses to interview and register us, Joe Conforte, the owner of the Mustang Ranch Brothel in Reno, Nevada, in a show of solidarity with the hostages, put the following sign in front of his place (picture):

“No more admittance to Iranian students until the hostages are released.”

The sign in front of the Mustang Ranch begged several questions. Shouldn’t the Iranian students be at the library instead? Are the other Iranians free to go in? Do they ask you at the front door if you are a student or just a high school drop out?

Now, 40 years later, Iranian students with valid US visas are being turned away at the US ports of entry without any reasons. But if you look back at what Trump and his MAGA (Make America Great Again) architect Steve Bannon said during the campaign you see the reasons.

Bannon believed that America’s face is changing too fast and it was becoming less white which has caused major anxieties among the white male, aging population. The advancement of technology and the globalization was leaving a whole bunch of blue-collar workers behind and the immigrants, whether the low-wage workers from Mexico and Central America, or the highly educated tech workers from elsewhere were seen as the cause. So building walls, closing borders and turning people away have become the way to deal with the aging population’s anxieties.

But this will pass too. The same way Mustang Ranch opened its doors to the Iranian students after a while, the US ports of entry will allow the Iranian students to attend US colleges soon. As for the anxious aging white guys, enjoy your remaining days and weeks. Life is too short!