An Open Letter to Donald Trump


Guive Mirfendereski

January 9, 2020

Dear Mr. Trump,

We get it! You have the biggest missiles, the fastest missiles, the loudest missiles and the most lethal weapons and the best military force on the face of the earth EVER! In fact, you have the biggest hands and the biggest dick and had the biggest crowd EVER at your inauguration. But here is the thing – you have a pea for brain! With apologies to all the peas. In the rational world, you stick out like a carrot among cucumbers. Here is why?

You probably think that the lack of human casualties at the airbases that Iran showered with its missiles the other night is the sign that Iranians cannot shoot straight and their missiles are duds. Here is the message that you should consider: The Iranian missile attack on the Aiyn al-Asad and Erbil airbases in Iraq was a warning. Warning about what, you ask?

First, Iran showed you that Iranian missiles can reach your super-duper forces and bases in the region.

Second, Iran also showed you that it can launch a missile attack in a way that that the attack would result in no casualties – this being a testament to the country’s superb precision-guided missile technology capable of launching no-kill missions at will. Fear the precision, because next time these Iranian missiles will come raining down exacting the toll that they are designed to take. Ask the Saudis.

As an aside – has it dawned on you and your super-duper sycophant policy advisors that by bringing the Iranian oil exports to zero or getting Iran out of the oil business that you have effectively made the Strait of Hormuz useless for Iran - so Iran will have nothing to lose by chocking the traffic through the strait.

Back to your big this and big that. The USA has had military and technological superiority in Vietnam , Afghanistan and Iraq too – how has that work out for the US so far? The US was booted out of Vietnam and so far the nation building thing has proven impossible in the Afghanistan and Iraq .

Commander Soleimani was a soldier in the service of his country. Any soldier who dons the uniform and goes to combat will and often does have blood on his hands. But you would not know about that on the account of some bone spur thingy.

So enough of this gibberish about Soleimani having American blood on his hands and that he introduced IEDs and so he had to be assassinated. To quote one of your own refrains uttered in an interview a year ago or so – “we are not exactly angels ourselves.” Exactly. Our shit smells like anyone else’s. Our blood is not a different color.

Soleimani was helping to put in place a defensive strategy and tactical assets in Iraq and elsewhere so that when another concert of malfeasant Western powers and their crony Sunni/Arab clients wished to do harm to Iran that Iran could defend itself. You are big on self-defense stuff - premeptive or not - how about other's right to defend themselves?

After the US-backed Iraqi invasion of Iran and the ensuing 8 years’ war, Iran had two choices: explore the development of nuclear weapons (atomic bomb) and develop missile technology to compensate also for the lack of conventional air, naval and ground weapons. Your recent action against Iran is déjà vu all over again – Iran will be a fool not to acquire the bomb and not continue with its domestic missile program or cut back on its “malign” activities in the region.

Has it occurred to you that Soleimani was also a useful interlocutor for the US efforts to stabilize Iraq and fight ISIS . He was the one who directed the Shiite militias in Iraq to fight ISIS . For all your military might and bombs and missiles and itell/communications assets, Iraqi militias and the Kurds were the ones who gave their lives in that effort. With the Kurds in northern Syria having been thrown by you under the Turkish bus and with Soleimani being assassinated, who will be your local interlocutor when you will need one next?

Back to having blood on one’s hands - How many innocents has the US killed and maimed in its wars of aggression – causing indiscriminate slaughter of populations caught in its and its cronies’ airstrikes, drone attacks and bombings? Tens of thousands – conservatively speaking - and some of them were on the way to or from weddings!

I am sparing you the reminder that your brutal embargos and economic sanctions also have had and have a human cost.

So, Mr. Trump, do our commanders and their commanders-in-chief have blood on their hands? Or that does not matter, because you have the power to pardon and have pardoned war criminals convicted by your own military.

Here is the thing – pardons and self-serving justifications for murder may wash off the charges but not the blood.

And, by the way, I think they were a few more people at Soleimani’s processions than at your first and hopefully last inauguration EVER!