Recently we see some literatures on Iroon. com written by white American liberals. All these literatures have sharp critical point of view about presidentTrump's maximum pressure sanction toward Iran. They refer to 2015 deal as a "Golden era" and want Trump's administration to reconsider the deal.  First of all sanction is working very well according to Washington post. The new sanctions are forcing criminal mullahs to cut funds to its terrorist proxies.  Mullahs' ability to finance allies such as Hezbollah and Hamas has been curtailed.  In June 2009, during uprising Iranians against religion dictatorship, ruling criminal mullahs brought Hezbollahs from Lebanon to beaten up Iranians. With president Trump maximum pressure, Hezbollahs fund reduced drastically. Hezbollahs , the main enemy of Iranian people are at the verge of demise. while in Lebanon, Syrian militiamen paid by Mullahs have seen their salaries slashed because Mullahs don't have enough money to give them.  Last week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Congress that Mullahs' proposed defense budget has been reduced by 25 percent and revolutionary guard's  proposed budget reduced about 10 percent. 
     Border patrol catches Iranians all the time military looking ones too, not just idiots who want to come to US and act like negros.  These Iranians have been trained in military camps in Venezuela cross the border illegally just like Mexicans, but they are NOT in America to mow lawns. They're in America and when the time comes, they will attacks. All these indicators shows Trump's domestic and foreign policy working very well.  
On the other hand, White liberal have no clue of Iran's history or Mullahs mindset because they are NOT Iranians. 
    According to Shia believe system if the virgin girl get executed or dies, she will go straight to heaven because of her chastity.  Therefore, girls who are political prisoners and virgin should have been raped the night before their execution to make sure they go to hell after death. Now, if we ask any of these white liberal writer as whether they knew about this Shia believes, they all will say that they never heard of such a thing. NOT only that, they never read even one single book about Iran's history. 
During hostage crisis in 1979, Ruling criminal mullahs let the black hostages go and kept the white ones. As a result, Obama was sympathetic toward criminal mullahs, so he made a 2015 deal with them. Again white liberal have NO clue about this historical fact. They push for 2015 deal, but it never comes cross they mind that founders of America and modern world were all white such as George Washington.. Thosmas Jeferson... Quincy Adams... etc.
Aside from taking white Americans as hostages in 1979, Mullahs had a good relationship with Nelson Mandela and African National Congress (ANC). They were helping blacks against White Europeans in South Africa during Apartheid regime. Rafsanjani, a well known mullah became close friend of Nelson Mandela. Mullahs were traveling back and forth to South Africa after Mandela took the office. Mandela also made a trip to Tehran. Obama was fully aware of that connections. That was the only reason he was trying to help criminal mullahs to stay on power. That was the only reason he made 2015 deal with them. NOT only that, Obama delieverd cash money to them in Tehran airport. Again white liberal has NO clue about these historical facts when they're writing articles about Trump's foreign policy.