In a loving memory of a great man in our modern history Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.

39 years ago, on this day,  July 27, 1980, our shahanshah passed away in Cairo, Egypt.  Our nation went through deep sorrow. Happiness left the country and has neverr come back since today. Our people never experienced happiness since shah left the country in a cold winter day of 1979. 

     According to ancient Persian Mythology, the heart of the shah is closely ties to the heart of the people. His sadness is the nation sadness and his happiness is the nation's happiness. Ancient Persian people strongly believed to this mythology.

     Under shah's smart leadership, Iranians were well respected around the globe including communist countries. 

      In Romania (1973) shah was warmly welcomed. He received an honorable doctora degree from the hands of Romanian president for his high level of intelligent and being "Good politician". As a result of this event, Romanians were respected Iranians. Romania was communist country in those days. Iranians were well represented among communist countries.

     In France, upon death of Charles De Gaulle, shah made a quick trip to Paris. In private session with De Gaulle's widow, which last 45 minutes, shah passionately comforted De Gaulle's widow. Shah expressed sympathy of Iranians to that lady. It was a big encounter between 2 big civilalizations. The event reflected in France media and state T.V. Iranians were well represented by their shah among French people. As a result, French people were respected Iranian people very highly.

      In U.K, NO need for Visa for Iranians. To Iranians, travelling to England was as easy as travelling from Tehran to Shirza. Just take a plane ticket, jump in the plane and few hours later arrive in London. At the same time, Pakistani, Arabs, Filipinos, ....Chinesse...etc were waiting long line in the front of British Embassy begging for Visa.

      Apartheid South Africa was the most racist country on the face of the earth in those days. Because of shah's smart leadership, Iranians were classified as a "white". Iranians were receiving full previleges of white European counterpart. For example,  after 6 p.m No arab, No Pakistani, NO Indians, NO Aasians, were allowed to use bars, restaurants in downtown area of Johansburg or Cape town. Only people with European ancestory and Iranians were allowed to hang out in those areas. Public transportations were the same. The word on the top of Taxis : Blanca , Mia Blanca. That means white and none white in Dutch language. Iranians were received full previlege of Europeans. Iran was part of Europe in the Middle East. The dimond of Persian Gulf.

     In Rhodesia, the same story. Indians, Arabs and Asian kids had to travel 40 to 50 miles out of the city to attend schools. Iranian and European kids were only allowed to use schools in city areas. Rhodesia changed the name to Zimbabwe in June 1979. 

     In U.S president Nixon introduced shah of Iran as a "Good Friend". Iranians were welll respected in America.

      In IRAN, our well mannered, well educated and kind hearted leader couldn't see Persian kids go to bed hungery at nights. Therefore, he mandated "Free Nutrition" program in schools. 

Our shah was feeding million Iranian kids, the same as their biological fathers were doing. As a result, our shah acquired the title "Crown Father". 

    Our shah was the most prominent political figure in our modern history. No one can ever erase the glogy days of Iran under his smart leadership. Shah remains an important, historical figure whose memory is greatly cherished by million million Iranians. Nothing will ever erase the glorious role of Shah in our history.

 R.I.P shahanshah,